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Ever flown in the “Eurobusiness” class in Europe? Instead of getting a real business seat, they basically just block off the middle seat. It’s not nearly as good as business, but it’s nice to have the space.

Given how expensive first class seats can be, what if you could just block off the middle seat where you’re sitting and reclaim some space? As it turns out, you actually can on Alaska Airlines. It’s called a Comfort Seat.

You have to call them up to get it, but it’s a legit way to actually get your own middle seat blocked, and for less than first class, could totally be worth it on longer flights.

Alternatively, if you actually need the space because it’s hard to fit in the seat, Alaska also has a really generous policy for getting a seat next to you blocked that’s completely free if the flight doesn’t go out full: Customers of size seating guidelines.